Keeping it Clean, With a Little Help from Brisbane Kawasaki

Nothin’ wrong with a little dirty fun – as long as you clean up nice!

Hey now, we’re talking skis here! 

It might seem counter-intuitive – after all, PWC is a water-based activity – one would think that it would be a self-cleaning sport. But anyone that has ever trailered their ski to the nearest lake, much less a race four states away, knows the amount of dirt and grime that can accumulate in just a few short miles, not to mention the oils and who knows what else splashed up from truck and trailer tires on dirty asphalt and the smudgey fingerprints from that kid at the last gas station (there’s always one).

Add in being strafed by a passing flock of seagulls (not the ones that ran so far away), the soda you spilled as you were locking down the ratchet straps before the trip, and  the tree sap from the last boat ramp parking spot you lingered at, and you’ve got a mess to deal with. And that’s before you even peek in the engine bay where oils, fuel, grease, additives and more collect.

And of course, if you’re a surf rider, you’re also dealing with salt, and its damaging effects, both externally and internally.  Even flatwater riders know that the water they’re motoring through is often anything but crystal clear. 

Right about here is where Brisbane Kawasaki comes to the rescue with decades of hands-on experience in countering the grime, grunge and detritus of PWC sports and recreation, they have come up with two top-of-the-line products to help you keep your fun, clean!

First, the Foaming Shampoo & Salt Remover with the efficient and effective Foaming Gun takes care of your ski’s outside and engine bay quickly, effortlessly and safely for both ski and environment. Then the Foaming Flush & Salt Remover with Mixer adapter removes salt and calcium deposits, descales the engine cooling system, and breaks down built up deposits.

Available separately for $24 each, or as a package for $109 that includes the mixing adapter and foaming gun, the price is well worth it, and the Ultimate package is a steal of a deal, with two bottles of Foaming Shampoo & Salt Remover and two bottles of Foaming Flush and Salt Remover, plus the Foaming Gun and the Mixer adapter, all for $157, including tax.

Read more about the products and process in the full press release below, and be sure to check out all the other great PWC products on the Brisbane Kawasaki website.

Foaming Shampoo & Salt Remover + Foaming Gun

Foaming Flush & Salt Remover + Mixer adapter

We’ve been washing jetski’s for over 30 years.

In that time, we’ve tested every product out there that you can think of.

Finally, it clicked, let’s make one that simply works and does what is says on the label.

-100% Biodegradable

-PH Neutral & Phosphate free

-Safe for use on all surfaces

-Corrosion Protection

-Plant derived ingredients

Simply mix 40ml of Jet Ski Wash with 950ml of water in the foaming gun.

Spray on and let it sit for 45 secs. Heavily soiled ski’s may require repeat application or light agitation with a sponge.

Hose off & Chamois dry.

Can be sprayed in engine bays for far more effective cleaning also.

Foaming gun separates and allows you to rinse the ski without changing all the connections. Simply slide the unlock switch, twist and remove.

Foaming Flush & Salt Remover was developed specifically for use by us when servicing jetski’s. Since we were making a wash, we decided to also offer it for retail sale.

This is a commercial grade flush that works like it is supposed to.

No slogans, No fancy names. JET SKI FLUSH, it does what it says on the bottle.

-100% Biodegradable

-PH Neutral & Phosphate free

-Safe on all gaskets & Rubbers

-Removes Salt & Calcium deposits

-Descales the engine cooling system & breaks down built up deposits.

Simply add 40ml into the mixer, plug it into your ski, connect the hose and follow the owner’s manual like normal.


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Jessica Waters

Editor – Currently the News Director at WNEG Radio in Northeast Georgia, Jessica Waters is a photojournalist and reporter who has covered competition stock car racing, downhill skiing, motocross, horse racing and hydroplane races for more than 30 years, and added jet ski races and freestyle competitions in 2010, covering many competitions for local and national media outlets.

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