Meet The Jetflyer – The Non-Jet Powered Four-Wheeled PWC For Land

From the “We Promise We’re Not Making This Up” Department, Austrian company E-Volution has introduced what they are calling the “jet ski on wheels” – the Jetflyer. But don’t get your hopes up too high. From what we can see, there’s little to no DNA linking the two.

The single-seater cart seats the driver high off the ground over an electric motor and battery array that touts a 50 mile range on a single hour and a half charge, with a top speed of 30 miles per hour. That’s right. There’s no jet pump further distancing the Jetflyer from its jet ski familiar claim. Rather, the steering console pivots akin to a runabout, but that’s where most of the similarities end.

But before you pass judgement, know that E-Volution has been purportedly “flooded with requests – and are now working round the clock to meet demand.” Company manager Michael Ritt said, “This year we are going to increase production of the Jetflyer up to 700 vehicles, most of which will be going to customers in Switzerland, Spain, Austria, and also with significant numbers going to Germany and Turkey.

“One of the popular things is our promotional offer ‘Move my own vehicle’ where the customer gets to help with the building of the machine by making all the individual requirements that they might need.” The latest numbers state that production of Jetflyer vehicles now will be as high as 1,700 units.

In addition to the Jetflyer, E-Volution offers the Jetflyer Mooove, a customized company vehicle idealized for courier and deliveries, looking much like a four-wheeled Vespa scooter with a pizza delivery rack on the back. Other clients have included golfers, the German Post Office, the Vienna airport and even local firemen.

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Kevin Shaw

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