Video: 40MPH Electric Single-Seat Catamaran Is Aqua Go-Kart

The call for an electric personal watercraft isn’t exactly mainstream, but it is vocal. Now, is that clamor enough to force the Big 3 manufacturers into scrambling to develop an electric-powered runabout? Unlikely, but if there is a fiscal incentive (say, subsidies or tax benefits) you might see a shift towards electric power. It’s just the cost to dump literally hundreds of thousands of hours spent developing, tooling, manufacturing and maintaining gasoline-powered watercraft is just far too prohibitive.

Equally, we’ve seen personal watercraft swell in size over the past three decades. The two- and three-seater runabout is a stable, well-balanced, heavily-equipped and nicely instrumented machine – a far, far cry from the stripped-down, bare-bones runabouts a quarter century ago. Many bemoan this enlarging because it strips the rider of the intimacy between the water’s surface and the machine, as today’s craft are comfortably insulated to soak up rattles, jolts and bumps.

So what do we think of this one-man, electric catamaran from WoKart? Because of its proven stability, the machine comes equipped with a high-back, race car-inspired seat and polished steering wheel and traditional gas pedal. Weirdly enough, the craft – priced at $9,800 – comes without its engine, asking that the buyer purchase one compliant with the rules and regulations pertinent to their respective nation. Crazy! The first half of the video below shows the bright red craft in action. Enjoy.

Electric Go-Kart Boat

Ride 40 MPH in this go-kart on water!

Posted by I Want That on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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