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Sea-Doo’s introduction of its Wake models was a bold move towards a specific market that many didn’t believed would be receptive to a committed watercraft for tow sports. In perfect Sea-Doo fashion, the PWC manufacturer equipped with their Wake units with so much innovation and features that the segment has become one of the brand’s most popular in recent years. Branching further than mere wakeskate and wakeboard riders, the Wake models appeal to families using the craft for whipping towables around their local lake or river.

Based upon Sea-Doo’s GTI platform, the 2015 Sea-Doo Wake 155 is the smaller sibling of the full-sized and supercharged Wake 215. The lighter, naturally-aspirated model is priced just south of $12,000 ($11,849 MSRP), but comes with nearly as many creature comforts as the top-of-the-segment GTI 155 Limited priced at $12,199. Rather, the Wake 155 improves upon the standard 155 Special Edition by adding a stout retractable ski pylon (strong enough to tow another ski – don’t ask how we know), and Launch Control settings unique to the Wake models.


Sea-Doo’s smaller Wake model – the 155 – is a naturally-aspirated Tow Sports unit based upon the brand’s GTI hull.

Above: Between the front and glove box storage, the Wake 155 offers an ample 30-plus gallons of storage which should be plenty for any half day on the water.

The ski pylon is ergonomically designed to retract vertically below the rear handgrip, allowing reboarding using the folding swim step and railing without interference. Likewise, it easily slides upwards to three locking positions, topped with an eye hook, double handgrips, and even a rubber hoop to tether your ski rope. The Wake 155 also comes with a unique removable board rack, allowing for out-of-the-tray storage and dual bungee straps to secure it down. The rack is easily removed/attached with a slide-and-lock locking rail system so you can travel at full speed without concern of losing it.

Yet, it is the Wake’s unique application of Sea-Doo’s proprietary iTC (Intelligent Throttle Control) system that truly differentiates this from the rest of the GTI lineup. Although all iTC-equipped Sea-Doo watercraft come with the option of on-the-fly engine map selection – be it between “Touring”, “Sport” and “Eco” modes – the Wake 155 also allows for a sequence of “Wake Modes”. These pre-programmed tunes manage the 1,494cc Rotax-engine’s throttle response and subsequent acceleration, from mild to aggressive. This way, the driver can better control how the Wake 155 will launch when towing a wakeboarder or towable.

Above left: Unique to all Wake models is the retractable ski pylon. Lockable in three-different positions, the pylon also cleanly slides down just below the rear handrail and is exceptionally durable. Above right: The detachable board rack snaps into place in seco


Both the 155 and supercharged 215 Wake models share the same detachable wakeboard/skate mount. Double bungee chords secure the board while an innovative locking system ensures that the rack will stay secure while at speed.

And the Wake 155 comes with Sea-Doo’s iBR (Intelligent Brake & Reverse) which continues as the industry’s only on-water brake (that is, until Yamaha finally gives in and starts calling RiDE a “brake.” LOL). The Wake 155 does comes with VTS (Variable Trim System), but needs to be adjusted through the “Mode” toggles on the right hand side rather than a simple up-and-down toggle on the left hand side similar to other Performance/Muscle segment models.

America’s Motor Sports – Middle Tennessee’s leading family of Sea-Doo dealerships – provided The Watercraft Journal a brand new 2015 Sea-Doo Wake 155 to rack up some hours on the clock. We expressly conduct our reviews when we have a vehicle in our hands rather than “theoretical reviews” judging it’s performance based upon riding similar craft as other media outlets, which you can tell by our use of unique photography rather than studio imagery.

Above: Sea-Doo’s GTI/Wake 155 dashboard is clean, uncluttered and easy to read at speed.

The Wake 155 shares all the same riding characteristics of the equally-powered 155-horsepower GTI models that ride on the moderate V-hull. With the throttle pinned and little bit of weight shifting, the Wake 155 can easily “wash out” its tail and provide endless hours of horseplay when pushed accordingly. As we’ve gushed previously, Sea-Doo’s iTC and optional engine tunes absolutely establishes itself as an industry leader, and we could think of half a dozen craft that could directly benefit from this technology.

Likewise, Sea-Doo’s redesign of its ball-and-socket RF DESS key/lanyard makes quick ignitions remarkably easier, and is a welcome addition to the brand’s commitment to ease of use and superior function. Storage is more than moderate, with 30.8 gallons worth of stowage split between the front bin and glovebox. The Wake comes in one pound short of 800lbs. (dry), and although being on the brand’s Recreation line, is still pretty big at 132.6-inces long and 48.5-inches wide. In fact, with a Wake 155 and Wake 215 on the trailer, we found the two occasionally rubbed side rails.

Above left: Sea-Doo’s Intelligent Brake & Reverse remains the industry’s only “as advertised” on-water brake. Above right: The Wake 155 is handsome even while sitting still.


The Wake 155 is motivated by Rotax’s 1.5-liter 3-cylinder offering economical use all day on 87 octane, and will struggle to suck its 15.8-gallon fuel tank dry.

While towing, the Wake 155 is definitely targeted towards hauling the kids around on a tube, as an adult on a wakeboard will easily pull the smaller Wake out of line, much like the tail waging the dog. Rather, with a medium-sized raft and a kid or two, the Wake 155 fares fine and elicits an endless supply of squeals and shouts of excitement from behind. Although the Wake comes with larger rearview mirrors, it’s always recommend to operate with a spotter when towing.

We applaud Sea-Doo’s dedication to incorporating all of the various iControl options into the handlebars themselves, as the driver will never have to take his hands from the bars. Likewise, what was once thought a gamble, the Wake models have definitely earned their place among the Sea-Doo lineup.

Special thanks to America’s Motorsports for use of the 2015 Sea-Doo Wake 155.

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