Charity Ride to Ireland by Jet Ski Raises Funds for Cancer Research

A South Wales Evening Post Article highlighted a father and son who rode jet skis from Wales to Ireland. Ian and Adam Barber chose to do the run in order to raise funds for Cancer Research UK because a friend of theirs suffered from breast cancer. The elder Barber also had another agenda; he really wanted to take a long trip aboard his ski with his son by his side and so he thought a ride in the name of a charity would be the way to take care of his want and at the same time help others.

The Barbers raised thousands of dollars for the Cancer Research UK, which was a decent amount considering they didn’t do much in the way of promoting the trip in case it didn’t happen due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. When the original article was written, all the monies had not been totaled so the exact amount of contributions were unavailable.

The Barbers were accompanied by a support boat crewed by Mick Parker, Richard Parker, and Jayne Parker. The Barbers and Parkers got underway from Fishguard, located in Wales, and reached Irelands’ Kilmore Quay Harbour in 3.5 hours. The crew and riders made it back to Fishguard in a little over three hours. The guys rode a total of 140 miles round trip.

A total of 300 liters (80 gallons) of fuel was purchased for the run and the senior Barber made it clear that none of the funds raised were used for trip expenses.

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Ocean Priselac

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