New South Wales Adds 10 Supercharged Sea-Doos To Marine Patrol Team

According to a report by 9News, police in New South Wales, Australia have been given a new weapon for their arsenal this summer; jet skis. The main key behind the new jet skis is to crack down on anti-social behavior out on the water. In Australia, the term ‘anti-social’ is defined as any behavior that annoys, irritates, disturbs or interferes with a persons’ ability to go about their lawful business.

In the past, marine patrols in Australia have reduced water way based fatalities by a staggering 80 percent! With the addition of these 10 new Sea-Doo RXT-X jet skis to the police force’s fleet, they will now be able to respond to calls quicker than ever. The new skis will be based in Sydney, Botany Bay, Port Kembla and Eden. They will also be based further north in Coffs Harbour, Port Stephens, Newcastle and Broken Bay. This means pretty much all of the east coast of NSW will be patrolled.

“We’ve got areas where people that we know ‘play-up’ and some have got significant criminal history and we’re planning on disrupting those activities” says Commander Mark Hutchings of the NSW Police Marine Area Command.

The addition of the skis will give police the ability to go practically anywhere there is water so they can keep an eye out for intoxicated boaters; whether under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They will also be able to now test boaters for alcohol or drug usage right off their jet skis so they can catch a potential disaster before it happens. Besides that, they will also be used to catch fisheries and maritime type offenders and for various search and rescue purposes.

Commander Hutchings has a strong word of warning for boaters this summer. “We’ll be everywhere this summer and if people play up like that and want to be bullies and intimidate people with their driving; they’ll be finding their way to court.”

NSW Police ski patrols

All for stamping out the anti-social element.

Posted by Everything Watercraft on Monday, September 11, 2017

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