QPWC Announces Race Dates for Fall/Winter 2015


As I sit here anxiously stalking Facebook for the release of next season’s race dates, I have started thinking about how we spend our time in the “off seasons.” Many would be upgrading and modifying skis from lessons learned, others will be hanging out with friends and riding recreationally, whilst some will be glad to just chill out for a while.

I don’t think we truly appreciate, that for our committee members there is no off season. You see, while I’m constantly clicking on the refresh button hoping that this time the dates will magically appear in (click) front (click) of (click) me (click), our dedicated committee members are busy not just “picking a date” but submitting approvals, seeking sponsors, recruiting new volunteers, ensuring equipment is ready, attending monthly meetings, and trying to keep everyone happy by offering a diverse round of racing that keeps the veterans challenged yet encourages new comers. The list is exhausting to say the least and I haven’t even mentioned the actual race day with race directors, marshals, lap scorers and the set up crew.

We all express our appreciation to both committee members and volunteers on the day, but sometimes it’s all too easy to just show up and race. I appreciate that we can’t all help with the committee side of things and attend the regular meetings (myself included – tried and failed), I think that we can all really show our support to those who sacrifice their time and support us just by helping out on the day when needed.

With all that said, it seems that my magical button has worked, because the next race dates have been announced and QPWC will be hosting the Queensland Titles as a three-round series for 2015, being 13th September, 18th October and 15th November (pending final approval).

With our sincerest thanks to all of our dedicated QPWC members and volunteers – we will see you at Redcliffe; not only ready to race but to lend a hand where needed.

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Tam Clucas

Tam started jet skiing six years ago, but it wasn’t until watching the 2012 World Finals at Havasu that she really immersed herself in the world of Jet Skis. Today she provides administrative support at Jetskishop.com and can be found at QPWC race events on her SX-R 800, or of course enjoying the fantastic waterways in her hometown - Gold Coast, Australia.

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