RaceSki Lightweight, Total-Loss Flywheel For Kawasaki 1100cc SX-R

Honed on and proven on the battleground of the UWP-IJSBA Watercross National and CWA Tours as well as the hallowed waters of the IJSBA World Finals, RaceSki’s all-new lightweight total-loss flywheel for the 1100cc Kawasaki race-bred SX-R is finally available for the public.

Weighing in at a svelte 1.9-pounds, the total-loss wheel is possibly the lightest flywheel on the market, and helps to free up horsepower that otherwise would be absorbed by parasitic loss of the reciprocating assembly.

Available exclusively at Optima Racing for $499, if you’re running a full-race setup in your SX-R, RaceSki’s got the answer for you.

Here’s the official release:

Finally after four years of testing on the enduring proving grounds of the IJSBA National Tour, CWA Tour and IJSBA World Finals, the ultimate in lightweight total-loss flywheels for your Kawasaki SX-R 1100 race ski ski available to the public from RaceSki. Weighing in at only 1.9lbs, this is the lightest weight flywheel you can get for your Kawasaki 1100. This is a total loss, non charging flywheel.

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Kevin Shaw

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