Real Review: Jettribe Hybrid Storm Trooper Goggles


Like a favorite pair of jeans or a well broken-in pair of Chuck Taylors, we’ve been using the same heavily scratched and discolored pair of sunglasses for well past a decade. They don’t float, they don’t exactly block out the elements particularly well, and usually a conversation piece when people pay close attention. But they’re comfortable, fit our face nicely, and have only slipped off once while riding. So every time we test a new pair of riding glasses, they’re almost unfairly judged against our old beat up shades.

In two years’ worth of bi-monthly episodes of “Real Review,” we’ve come to realize that Jettribe is nothing if not dedicated to infusing the utmost in features and nuance of design into their products. Even when we might’ve found qualms with fitment and such, we’ve always complimented the riding gear, apparel and accessory manufacturer for its dedication to integrating new bits and pieces into their products that never fail to make us pause and appreciate their addition.


When it comes to developing a riding goggle, you wouldn’t think there’d be a whole heck of a lot that could be crammed into such a small package, but like us, you’d be wrong. Jettribe’s Hybrid Goggles earn their namesake for their transitional use as either sunglasses or riding goggles through the snap-in release/attachment of a goggle strap or sunglasses arms. In getting our hands on the futuristic-looking Storm Trooper Convertible Hybrid Goggles, we found the easy-to-remove arms a nice touch (including rubberized grips that help the glasses stay put above your ears), and the goggle strap soft on the touch.

Likewise, the shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses are 100-percent UV Protection and CE Certified, and are easily removed and swapped out from the injection-molded frames. In fact, the swap is so easy it might fool you into thinking that these might allow moisture to collect on the inside or fog, but quite the contrary. The thick foam padding (that also attributes to the goggle’s flotation) allows the goggles to breath quite nicely while at speeds or stationary.


Our only issues with the Jettribe Hybrid goggles again falls under the category of fitment and comfort. The Hybrid lacks any sort of pad for the goggles to perch on the bridge of our nose, leaving the plastic frame to rest on exposed skin. This not only required persistent readjustment, but also made for the goggles sit very low on our face. All that being said, the inner foam padding does excel at keeping the goggles afloat, whether fitted with the goggle strap or the plastic arms.

Adding to the value of the Jettribe Storm Trooper Hybrid Goggles is the hard-backed zip-up case that comes included in the $64.99 price tag. It’s another touch testifying to Jettribe’s effort to maximize the overall value of its products. In returning back to our original point, we wish the Hybrid Goggles simply fit a little better. The neat design features and 6-inch wide shape is cool, but we felt the goggles could greatly benefit from a bridge guard to keep them from slipping off (we couldn’t help but recall Steve Martin’s “Opti-Grab”). Obviously, fitment is subjective, so if given the opportunity, we suggest test fitting a pair prior to purchasing.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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