Real Review: XPS S3 Master Tech Hand Cleaner

[Special thanks go out to Sea-Doo X-Team rider Anthony Radetic for today’s special guest edition of “Real Review.” -Ed]

Clean hands are important but clean shouldn’t mean an aggressive cleaner that strips and dries hands. As a Pro Sea-Doo X-team rider, I maintain my equipment to ensure it’s in peak running condition; working with oil and grease, gluing things together with different adhesives, fabricating carbon fiber parts, painting and helping my kids with their school projects.

I’m definitely not afraid to get my hands dirty. I also have limited mobility (wheelchair bound) which means my hands are how I move around in my environment. XPS Master Tech Hand Cleaner S3 with natural pumice was designed by the experts at the XPS lab to get ride of tough dirt by combining a powerful cleaner and a skin moisturizer to remove dirt, grease and grime without drying out and cracking your hands.

Keeping my hands clean and healthy is important to me. In the past, I have tried several big-name hand cleaners. Their aggressive grit cleaned but left my hands dry and chapped. Grease and grime would then stain my dry skin making it impossible to keep my hands clean.

XPS S3 hand cleaner does an outstanding job of cleaning without stripping my hand’s natural moisture, since it has that great skin moisturizer; and given how much I rely on my hands for mobility, it’s a proven winner for me. Try it for yourself, it’s phenomenal. XPS S3 Master Tech Hand Cleaner part number is 779274 (and 779275 for the pump). You can get it at any BRP Sea-Doo or Can-Am dealer

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