Real Review: XPS Watercraft Cleaning and Detailing Kit


As the snow thaws over most of the northern hemisphere, watercraft enthusiasts are preparing to de-winterize their machines, drawing back the covers, pumping out the thick wintertime lube and pouring in fresh oil, and generally rousing their craft from a long hibernation of stagnancy. With that comes the usual “spring cleaning” in preparation for that first group ride or favorite springtime meet.

Helping to expedite this process all the more is XPS Lubricants. The official oil for all BRP products (Can-Am, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo and Can-Am Spyder), XPS’ range of product reaches far beyond that of just engine oils, but includes fuel additives, oil and fuel filters, assembly lubes and grease, antifreeze/coolants, as well as a comprehensive collection of cleaning and detailing chemicals.


The XPS Watercraft Cleaning and Detailing Kit is unique to the brand, as it is the most complete package offered through XPS, providing an All-Purpose Cleaner (32oz.), a bottle of Boat and PWC Wash and Wax Concentrate (32oz.), a bottle of Vinyl Cleaner (32oz.) and Spray Cleaner and Polish (14oz.), as well as two (16-inch x 16-inch) microfiber towels, a deluxe wash sponge and it’s own resealable (3.56-gallon) storage/wash bucket.

Commonly retailing for $45, the XPS Watercraft Cleaning and Detailing Kit is more convenient than anything. The All-Purpose Cleaner is adequate when cleaning most dirt buildup but struggles to break up larger messes like bird droppings. Likewise, the Vinyl Cleaner works well but fails to remove deeply-embedded dirt from the light-colored porous seat covers without quite a bit of elbow grease.


We found the best use for the Spray Cleaner and Polish was in acting as a sealer after we already washed and scrubbed our Sea-Doo down with the XPS Wash & Wax Concentrate (using about 2-3 ounces per gallon of water, as per the instructions) and supplied sponge, and drying it completely. We found that the foaming aerosol works best to protect the porous NanoXcel deck of our Spark, rather than a stand alone cleaner.

Although it doesn’t leave our Spark with an as-new luster, it does give it a muted shine, which is better than other cleaners and waxes we’ve encountered (some of which have actually left a white waxy residue). Simply put, the Spark tends to show dirt and discoloring marks more than traditional fiberglass-and-gel coat PWC, so finding a suitable cleaner and sealant has been tricky.

The different chemicals included in the XPS Watercraft Cleaning and Detailing Kit aren’t perfect on their own merits, but together in a complete kit that comes in a sealable container that can be stored in your trailer’s storage box or in the bed of your truck until its time to wash down your PWC at the launch ramp, makes it all the better. BRP is all about maximizing your enjoyment out of their products, and offering this pre-packaged kit is just another step in that direction.


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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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