Riders Explore Over 400 Miles On The Ottawa River Waterway


Many of us ride for different reasons. Like myself, who enjoys historical rides, a group of northern PWC adventurers set out to commemorate the 400 year old historic journey of [1]Samuel de Champlain, in his birch bark canoe, on the Ottawa River in Canada. Samuel de Champlain was a French Navigator, among many things, who founded both New France and Quebec City in Canada and the Ottawa River separates the Quebec and Ontario Provinces.

Unlike the Samuel de Champlain in his birch canoe, this team of 14 PWC enthusiasts set out to explore the Ottawa River from Pembroke, Ontario to Lake Temiskaming, some 415 miles round trip over the course of four days, on their personal watercraft.

This group of explorers utilized the on road support of a tow vehicle and flatbed trailer to assist, not only in the transfer of fuel but also for the groups luggage, any breakdowns or mechanical issues that could have arose and for portaging the three dams along the journey. I can personally attest to the time in planning such an adventure. This group has provided a wonderful ride report, along with all the info and navigational points needed for one to do this awesome ride.


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Kev Hemingway

A distributor for SBT Inc., founding member of Jetski Junkies (JJUSA) and its lifestyle retail outlet Jet Life, Kev fell in love with the sport at age 8 terrorizing the fresh water lake he grew up on with a Kawasaki 300 stand-up, and over the years has forged a Pro-Rec Rider resume that spans the East Coast from Canada to Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

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