RIVA Racing Offers Wide Selection of Power Filter Kits For Your PWC

It’s no mystery that internal combustion engines are big air pumps; air (mixed with fuel) goes in and air (mixed with spent gases) goes out. The byproduct is the energy we use to spin our prop shafts, but the engine doesn’t care what you do with it just as long as you keep feeding it a healthy supply of fresh, cool air.

From the factory, OE’s develop complicated air boxes to ward off any unwanted moisture getting into the intake charge, but many understand that these are heavily baffled and restrict flow – that’s why RIVA Racing’s Power Filter kits are the way to go. Not only do they feed your engine a diet of cool, dense air (resulting in greatly improved acceleration and rpm), they also save weight.

How? Each Power Filter kit replaces the cumbersome stock air box with a “high-volume, precision-formed” intake duct that mounts directly to your engine’s air inlet. According to RIVA, “Cool air enters the system via an over-sized K&N filter element,” ensuring clean, fresh air (free of debris or contaminants) will be delivered to your engine.

Obviously, many applications vary in the complexity and installation of the Power Filter kit, but that’s why RIVA Racing has poured so much into populating its online store with all of the information you’ll need to make an informed decision. So again, don’t take our word for it, but check ’em out HERE.

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Kevin Shaw

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