RIVA Racing Releases Waterbox for Sea-Doo RXP/RXT 300


Chances are, if you have purchased one of Sea-Doo’s latest and greatest performance machines, you’re probably already looking for aftermarket parts. One of your go-to sources for the go fast goodies is RIVA Racing. They have been hard at it developing parts for these 300 horsepower Sea-Doos over the last few months, and already have a good selection of parts to choose from.

RIVA’s most recently released product for the Sea-Doo 300 hp models is their waterbox. If 300 ponies isn’t quite enough to satisfy you, this part should up the horsepower by reducing exhaust restriction and back pressure, especially on modified watercraft. The waterbox will also make the ski sound louder and even more aggressive. The innovative short design of the waterbox allows for plenty of room to perform maintenance on the supercharger without removing the exhaust system.


RIVA waterboxes are developed on a flow bench, and feature specially engineered exhaust tubes and end caps to maximize exhaust flow, high-strength aluminum construction, precise welds capable of surviving extreme heat and backfires, and powder coating to protect from corrosion.

You can purchase the RIVA waterbox for Sea-Doo 300 horsepower skis for a price of $419.95 at a RIVA parts dealer or on their website. We do suggest using this product with other upgrades to take full advantage of the reduced exhaust restriction. You can find more info on the RIVA Racing waterbox HERE.

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