RIVA Racing’s Sea-Doo Spark Steering System Bundles


At last, for all of you Sea-Doo Spark riders, RIVA Racing is offering a new complete steering system bundle that drastically improves the steering response, firmness and handling of your craft. This new steering system is a direct replacement for all of the plastic components that comprise the Spark’s steering neck, covers and shrouds from the factory. Of course, as there are various options for the Spark, there are two “bundles” or packages that RIVA offers; non-IBR: $822.50 and IBR: $998.50.

Some may ask why they need to upgrade their handlebars, here is why: This new system it replaces all of the OEM plastic, replacing it with a “race proven” billet bulletproof steering neck, precision-machined aluminum housings directly replacing all of your factory switch covers, and exactly fits your Spark’s toggles. There’s also an awesome replacement casing for your Start/Stop switch, centralizing it on your handlebars.

Compatible for all years of the Spark, its target audience is primarily aimed at racers and performance enthusiasts looking to push their Spark to the next level. If you are just a rider who likes to have a clean-looking handlebar setup, this will dramatically make your craft much more heavy-duty.

Although this might be one of the more expensive items you can buy for your Spark (that is, apart from a turbo kit), riders who are using the RIVA new steering system say they will never go back to the OEM handle bars. Note that the RIVA bundles are compatible with standard MX style bars and grips that are not included in this bundle, so you’ll need to factor that into your cost. Nevertheless, this is definitely a modification that will last a very long time and has been tested to withstand some of the toughest situations. Do yourself a favor and go to RIVA Racing and start adding parts to your cart!

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