Sealver Waveboat Announces New Z-Line Hevo Lineup

Sealver Wave boats are special. They stand out and make an impression. Why? Because they offer multiple models that fit anyone’s lifestyle. One of their most popular models is their Z Hevo lineup. The Z Hevo lineup offers their traditional boat that is powered by a PWC but they also offer other outboard models.

The Z Hevo lineup provides its riders with comfort without sacrificing performance. The Z-Line WB Z6 Hevo is their shortest model but has enough room for seven passengers. Most PWC’s only fit 2 to 3 people so adding a Z6 Hevo to your arsenal allows you to enjoy your time on the water with even more friends and family.

You’ll also look great too with the gorgeous hull and teak foam carpet. With the weather quickly turning for the better, this is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their ride. The Z6 comes in two options, Standard and Full Wake. The Full Wake comes equipped with a wakeboard tower, two rear sunbathing seats and much more.

The Z-Line WB Z7 Hevo is a step up from the Z6 because it offers a 21’ hull. This means if you have a larger family or wish to take your friends out on the water, you’ll have plenty of room to fit all eight passengers. The Z7 is the perfect models if you are looking for a larger boat but still want the maneuverability of a smaller boat.

Its modern design requires very little maintenance which allows you to spend more time on the water. The Z7 also comes in two options, Standard and Full Wake. While there is nothing wrong with choosing the standard option, the Full Wake offers many amenities that makes your time on the water the best.

The last model in the Z Hevo family is the Z-Line WB Z8 Hevo. This model is almost sure to turn everyone’s head at any beach. With an overall length of 24’, you’ll have more than enough room to enjoy with all ten passengers. This model is a great choice if you love to go on longer rides or travel to different marinas.

The Z8 comes equipped with an extra 26 gallons of fuel which allows you to travel to further places. While you may think that it will be hard to maneuver a 24’ boat from a PWC, you are wrong. Sealver states that “You’ll feel like you’re in control of a powerful, premium sedan”. The Z8 comes in three options, Standard, Medium and Full Wake.

Whether the Z6, Z7 or Z8 works better for your family, they all allow you to detach your PWC if needed. So, if you need to ride over to the fuel dock but don’t want to take the whole family with, join the Sealver Z Hevo family today. Check out Sealver Waveboats website today to find more information and find a dealer near you!

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