Sydney Sea-Doo Performance’s RXP-X 260 Carbon Race Hood (Updated)

Power-to-weight ratio; the quickest way to gain some added speed is by cutting weight, and there are none more familiar with this than today’s personal watercraft racers and freeriders. New skis donning exquisite carbon fiber and Kevlar hulls, hoods and decks are abundant on the shorelines.

Unfortunately, with innovation comes mimicry and often those who follow are a pale shadow of the originator. Corners are cut to save money and in turn, undercut the price of the original product. We’ve all seen it happen far too regularly in our sport. As competition breeds excellence, it also requires buyers to do some due diligence to pick the right product and not get ripped off.

World champion racer and owner of Sydney Sea-Doo, James Masterton launched Sydney Sea-Doo Performance as a branch of his dealership to cater to those who wanted to wring out as much power and speed from their Sea-Doos as possible. Offering a selection of go-fast goods that are not only top-of-the-line in build quality but power output, Sydney Sea-Doo Performance announced their superior carbon fiber RXP-X hood recently stating,

“Our carbon fibre products come in raw and clear finish with all detail shown. We don’t hide any workmanship under paint or flow coat. If not 100% satisfied this is the lightest, highest quality standards available, return within 7 days for full refund minus shipping charges.”

The Watercraft Journal had a chance to talk to James who had this to say, “Our focus is to design high-end products for Sea-Doo watercraft to suit both recreational owners and Pro Open racers. Our composite pieces are the same strength and quality being used in top category Australian V8 Supercar, LeMans and Factory Superbike racing.

“In my opinion, our sport is a long way behind factory auto racing teams in terms of carbon composite engineering and aero design. Most products are made in home garages, the quality is poor and delaminates after 6 months of hard use. Our pieces are built from really complex moulds and come with warranty from structural defects. I was lucky enough to have grown up in the car race industry which has now allowed me access to the right people in different fields.”

He concluded by adding, “We have some really unique pieces coming shortly that I’m sure will help RXPX racers. We are even looking into some parts for the Yamaha FZR.”

Take a close look at these shots and you’ll see their commitment to smooth finishes, edging and layering. In addition to these hoods, Sydney Sea-Doo Performance also offers carbon fiber seats as well as an array of billet components to not only drop some necessary pounds but improve the look of your Sea-Doo.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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