Tanner Thomas Prepares For The World Finals


We got a first-person inside look at Freestyle champion, Tanner Thomas’ pre-World Finals prep recently, where he said:

“After some long days working on seemingly endless projects, ideas and maintenance that I have encountered, I am able to sit down and be proud of my path, my team’s path and our progress this year. I am excited to carry on into the future in this crucial short amount of time left before I compete for the 2016 IJSBA World Finals. With my mechanic Hiro and my teammate Mark Gomez here in Lake Havasu, it’s about time to put all the pieces together from the year and make some magic happen!

“We have been working hard are are fully prepared for anything and everything that comes out way. Between with three of us here in Havasu we have seen most every last minute challenge you can imagine and we are prepared for them to happen now. We have made an awesome shop space in the house that we rented that is very well organized with all of our tools, parts, riding gear, exercise and stretching equipment. We have done it this year like never before and I am very proud of it. Myself and my team I feel represent the true professionals of this sport and hopefully all of our hard work will pay off in the results.


“Recently, I just set my ski up with special titanium bars built custom by AZ FMX Works that allow me to attempt the “Superman” backflip trick. A trick that I had played with before when I rode in the surf and had a bad experience years ago with. This time I had to learn it on a much more powerful jetski with much less time in the air. So far the results have been good. The ski is running strong and I am finding more and more small things to perfect my riding abilities in the chase for my best professional world class performance.

Now it is Wednesday and I would like to tell you that everything is perfect and that I am going to do great…

The reality is, I am tired, I am sore, with many bruises, cuts and pains. I have been on a strong healthy diet with supplements and things to aid with my body. I have never been in better shape in my whole life. But I am beat down. The good part is the next few days I am preparing my mind and body for everything that I am going to do and I will do my absolute best for myself, my sponsors, my friends and my family to perform like the professional that I am.

I am very proud of my team mate Mark Gomez and myself for everything he and I have gone through together recently. We have the most prepared we have ever been, thanks to our amazing sponsors but this has been a long steep road to run up. The best part is we have these few more days to dial it all in, I am ready to make them count. See you on the water for the “firework” show.

2016 Sponsors
BAM, Tyler Rental, Alaska Diesel Power, TC Freeride, Dasa Racing, Skat-Trak, Eichner and Eichner, Sioeye, Swinburnson, Rickter, Alaska Marine Lines, Dawson Construction, Sign Pro, Jet Pilot, Jet Lift, Hoyt Enterprises, KMG Racing, Mystik Lubricants, AZEO Vodka, Ninja and JetRenu

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