The Art of The Deal: Buying Your First Sea-Doo


So you’ve decided to buy your first new Sea-Doo watercraft? As you can imagine, we at The Watercraft Journal have spent a lot of time out on the water riding for both work and pleasure. We have had countless amazing days enjoying the sun and water on our PWCs and have met some of our closest friends out there. You will fall in love with the fun, the lifestyle, the bonding over great times your new Sea-Doo has in store for you, your friends and family.

In BRP’s own words regarding their Spark; “The Sea-Doo Spark makes your family’s dreams of great days on the water possible right now…” We couldn’t agree more and want to help first time Sea-Doo buyers through what may seem like a daunting purchase process from start to finish. So get ready! Collect your family and friends, beach towels, and do not forget the sunscreen, days of memories are just ahead out on the water!

Above left: When it came time to pick out our new Sea-Doo Spark, we ventured to America’s Motor Sports in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, the recipient of the Powersports Business’ Power 50 Award for three consecutive years. There we were greeted by John, who helped us through the purchasing process from beginning to end. Above right: Although we liked the floor unit on display, John smartly presented us the official 2016 Sea-Doo catalog to show us the many different options available with the entire 2016 Sea-Doo Rec Lite line.

Picking Your Sea-Doo Certified Dealer
Being the powersports junkies we are for longer than we care to remember, the dealerships we have chosen to frequent over the years are really an extension of the time we spend out on our PWCs. Dealerships are full of us powersports junkies that have made their passion their work. These friends occupy the other side of the counter and service areas waiting to exchange stories of the past weekend’s adventures and assist you in your quest to do it all over again this coming weekend!

When you walk in the front door, along with the Sea-Doo certifications, qualified sales and service staff and the wide array of Sea-Doo watercraft and accessories, you should feel comfortable, at home and expect to spend more time than your significant other would like you to chatting about your new Sea-Doo watercraft and the coming adventures!

Above left: Our salesman walked us through the basic features, and operating the several functions. Any salesperson at a Certified Sea-Doo dealer will be well trained and ready to answer any questions you might have. Above right: John not only demonstrated how to remove the seat, accessing the filler cap and neck, as well as where to find the fire extinguisher in case of an emergency.

You are in the beginning stages of developing a relationship with your dealer for years to come. They will not only be a places you connect with others like you, but they will also serve as your resource and guide as you delve into this new addiction. You want to be able to stop by, or give them a ring and get answers to any questions you may have at any time.

From simple to complex; from “How do I put my new Sea-Doo in ‘Sport Mode’?” to “How do I flush this again?” you want to be able to have the resources available to you when you need them. Your new relationship with your dealer friends will pay off handsomely when it is time for Sea-Doo certified service and maintenance, and you want to be comfortable with the guidance and advise as would from a friend.

Above left: Our salesperson next took us back to their desk to discuss the model and features we wanted, and what price the dealership could accept. Finding a price we could agree upon, we filled out a credit application (which takes about an hour or so to process). Above right: While we waited for credit approval, John introduced us to America’s Motor Sports’ parts department staff. It’s always best to create a positive relationship with the Parts Department as they’ll be your best resource when it comes to upkeep and servicing your Sea-Doo.

Once you have that warm fuzzy feeling about the place and the staff, start to pay attention to the technical aspects of your chosen Certified Sea-Doo Dealer. They will not just have the watercraft and official Sea-doo merchandise you are dying to get your hands on, they will also have specific perks like financing options, OEM Sea-Doo parts and Certified Sea-Doo mechanics working diligently to get others like you back out on the water.

Along with “feeling” like you are in the right place, your dealer of choice should be qualified. Your Sea-Doo dealership should be filled with knowledgeable sales people with the goal of getting you the best deal on the new Sea-Doo that best fits you and your family’s needs. You want them to guide you effortlessly through picking out and purchasing your new craft, choosing the Sea-Doo trailer your new baby will be riding home on and which Sea-Doo life jackets, wetsuits, drybags and etc. you are going to need when you hit the water. Sea-Doo has a lot of options in their watercraft lineup and tons of merchandise to pick from. The helpful guidance of your new dealer’s staff will be priceless when you purchase and down the road.

Above left: Ian, our Parts Department salesperson, walked us through the official 2016 Sea-Doo Parts & Accessories catalog, piquing our interest with the many items Sea-Doo makes available to magnify your Spark-owning experience. Above right: Ian was also helpful in providing us with a new official Sea-Doo lifevest to go with our new Spark.

Paying for Your New Sea-Doo Watercraft
Financing your new Sea-Doo Spark is the option a lot of new watercraft owners take on their first go around buying a new PWC. Your dealer, and sometimes BRP will offer special incentives for buyers in the market for a personal watercraft. Often times special interest rates and extended warranties for example are available once you sit down at the sales desk at your local dealership.

Another option is financing available at the bank you have your checking and savings account. Often times they will also offer special deals for their customers and your continued business. So weigh your options! We have to say, your local dealership is going to make your life easy.

Above left: Many Certified Sea-Doo dealers have special pricing and financing options made available for applicants with approved credit scores. Your dealer will walk you through your best payment options and how to get the most for your investment. Above right: Additionally, many Certified Sea-Doo dealers will offer specials on scheduled maintenance, parts and repairs, as being all part of your financing options.

They will take a short application and often times have you an approval within the hour. Their ability to get you in house financing makes the process almost seamless from the time you walk through their door and pick out which color you want until you are driving away and headed to the nearest boat ramp.

If you are purchasing your new Sea-Doo Spark with cash, well then, it is as easy as it could ever be. We do not really need to explain this. Just walk in, make it rain on the sales person’s desk and BAM! Your new Spark will be on your trailer ready to breathe its first gulp of water!

Above: With our financing finalized, our name scribbled on more dotted lines than we can count, and a new packet of paperwork and an envelope of new owner’s media from Sea-Doo in our hand, we were greeted by Blake in the Service Department. He walked us through basic maintenance and upkeep as well where to find the battery terminals (left) and where to find the oil dipstick and how to properly check it (right). And with that, our new Spark was loaded up onto our trailer and ours to enjoy!

Wrapping up the Deal and Your New Spark!
While you are signing the paperwork and asking questions about your new Spark, your local dealership’s service people are busy scurrying around in the back prepping your key to outdoor family water time! Whether you bring a trailer with you, or buy one from your Sea-Doo dealer with your new Spark, they will be loading it for you while you finish up inside.

Don’t forget your life jackets, water clothes and the accessories! You are headed home from your local Sea-Doo dealer and all you can think is ride, ride water, water let’s go ride! Go collect your family and friends, beach towels and do not forget the sunscreen, and go make an entire day of memories out on the water.

Special thanks to the team at America’s Motor Sports. To experience your first time buying a Sea-Doo (or a return trip), you can contact one of three America’s Motor Sports dealerships HERE!

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