The Best Tools To Take With You on Your Ride


With the warm weather already brewing in most states, many riders will start bringing their watercraft out of storage and riding them often. With the thrills and adrenaline that you get while you ride, those can quickly go away if something foul happens to the motor or the body of your watercraft. Many things can go wrong when out riding no matter what the manufactures guarantee.

In an article by The Intrepid Cottager, we’re provided a great (and quick) list of emergency tools to always keep with us:

One of the most important tools to carry with you whenever you are riding is a towing hose clamp. This important hose clamp will allow you to be towed by another vessel. If you do not have this clamp while your ski is towed, your jet pump will fill up with water and you could get water in your cases, hydrolocking your engine. This hose clamp can be purchased on many sites for around $10.

Along with carrying a towing hose clamp it is important to bring a 40’ rope. Forty feet is the adequate length for towing a watercraft behind a vessel. It will allow the vessel to reach its plane and have a more stable ride. You can find 40’ rope at your local hardware store for around $15.

One of the most common problems riders run into when out riding is getting an object stuck in the jet pump. Carrying a long pry bar and needle nose forceps have proven countless times to be the best in getting debris out of your jet pump while in the water. You can find these tools at any local hardware store for around $20.

While there may be lots of other tools people like to carry with them while riding, these tools stated above have proven to be the most effective for the most common issues while out riding. If you are a new rider, buying these tools would be a very wise choice especially since the total cost is around $45. By spending this small amount of money, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you have the ability to do minor repairs while out on the water

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Blake Ellestad

Blake Ellestad

Blake decided to buy a jet ski before a car and it was the greatest decision of his life. He was able to start reading on the forums and absolutely fell in love with the information and the sport. Blake says he will be riding jet skis for a very long time.

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