This Could Be The Ultimate PWC Docking Station?

Australian company Ultimate Docking Systems has created what they call the “ultimate” Jet Ski Lift. The floating dock utilizes a solar-powered lift system to raise and lower the watercraft.

As a single-user system, this makes its operation very easy and it can even be operated remotely. The company is currently promoting the new docking system and the targeted users would be private buyers as well as marinas and businesses.

For more information on this system, we have pasted the press release below.

Australian City of Gold Coast company, Ultimate Docking Systems has launched a unique jet-ski lift (JSL) into the marine leisure market following the company’s debut at METS in November 2018.

Their “ultimate” jet ski lift is a floating solar-powered remote-controlled jet ski/PWC lift, docking system and station constructed from marine-grade aluminium and polyethylene, providing unsurpassed buoyancy and stability whilst making it virtually unsinkable.

It is a patented Australian-designed and manufactured state-of-the-art jet-ski docking station and has been developed in Queensland’s City of the Gold Coast, a mecca for jet skiers with its natural waterways and large number of private houses with pontoons attached to the properties.

The JSL allows solo launching and recovery of any size jet-ski using a solar powered operating system requiring no mains power on the pontoon giving owner the ability to trickle charge the battery on their jet ski for easy and constant use.

Personal watercraft are stored under cover within the walk-around floating lift that allows simple solo rider launch and recovery, taking away the need for anti-fouling, having to try and push the jet-ski off a dockside or trailer launch from a slipway. The lift does not need to be permanently fixed to the pontoon and can easily be moved with its light construction.

Commenting on why he saw the need in the market for the product Angelo Siokos, CEO of Ultimate Docking Systems said “Single-rider launching can be hard and especially for smaller people like my daughter, who has been extensively testing the product to gauge its ease of use. We have introduced a product that takes away the hard work and allows people easy access to a fabulous pastime. It takes approximately six seconds to remotely launch & retrieve the PWC.”

The company will be following this product up with their Ultimate Boat Lift aimed at small boat users also needing a simple launch and recovery solution for craft up to 30 feet in length. This lift will be aimed, not only at private users, but also at marinas and clubs where ease of use and low maintenance launch and recovery solutions are required by water users.

For more information on the new jet ski lift please contact Ultimate Docking Systems at

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Brice Leckrone

Brice Leckrone

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