Video: RIVA Racing Sea-Doo 2016 Speed Control Override Module

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Peak speed isn’t the same as sustained top speed, so don’t let your friends bragging about how fast their new runabouts get you all confused. Today’s new 300-horsepower Sea-Doo RXP-X, RXT-X and GTX Limited all hit an impressive 71-72mph. But do so for a split second before the GPS-monitored speedometer dips back down to near-68mph (that is, for the US-tuned models).

RIVA Racing’s awesome new Speed Control Override Module (SCOM) not only removes the GPS-controlled speed limiter, thus increasing the top speed of the otherwise 100-percent stock ECU, it also retains all of the original dash functions, and even allows the system to start in “Sport Mode.” And what else does it do? How about delivers a sustained and consistent 75mph top speed on all 2016 RXP-X, RXT-X and GTX 300 models.

Oh yeah, and it’s less than $200. That alone should blow your mind considering what it used to take to push a brand new runabout to 75 mph just a few years ago.

Below, we’ve included RIVA Racing’s latest video about the SCOM, highlighting its features, its ease of installation and most importantly, the real-time speed numbers and radar graphs illustrating the differences between peak top speed, sustained top speed and the RIVA Speed Control Override Module. And you can always go to RIVA Racing’s own website to get all of the information on this amazing piece of performance hardware.

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Kevin Shaw

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