Video: 2014 Slippery Wetsuits Featuring Craig Warner And Claude Clayton

For those paying attention, it would seem that all of the personal watercraft industry are refocusing their combined efforts in racing. Most of the OE manufacturers are presenting new high horsepower runabouts that are, without a doubt, race-ready. And now, it looks like even the most staid of aftermarket companies are turning towards the more exciting aspect of our sport.

Recently Slippery Wetsuits released this video showcasing their new 2014 lineup of riding apparel and gear. From full suits and johns, to spring suits, jackets, gloves, boots, and shorts, Slippery’s got a whole new look for this year’s upcoming riding season. Of course, the best news coming from the little sibling to MX riding gear manufacturer Thor, is Slippery’s superior comfort. Improved molds, better materials and more attractive designs make the wetsuit manufacturer once known as “Slippery When Wet” much more than another life vest brand.

But what is most interesting in this video is Slippery’s choice of models. Multi-time World Champion Monster Kawasaki racer Craig Warner and National and World champ Sea-Doo racer Claude Clayton both appear as the subjects of this video, showcasing much of Slippery’s new product line.

Obviously, you’ve likely seen Slippery quite a few times in our “Reviews” section. Slippery was kind enough to supply us with quite a bit of product to wear and review last season, and thus far we’ve been very happy with what we’ve used. We’ve experienced no failures, no tearing, breaking or discoloration. Look forward to more reviews of Slippery products from The Watercraft Journal in the weeks and months to come!

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Kevin Shaw

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  1. Marc 11 February, 2014 at 21:11 Reply

    That’s some nice gear! I”ll certainly support Slippery (and any manufacturer for that matter) that gets behind and promotes our sport.

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