Video: 2017 British JetSport Championship Finals

The JSRA British Jetsport Championships have wrapped up last month in the final round 6 at Kinsbury Jetbike Centre. You can check out the full scoop in this YouTube video here. Wetsuits and jackets were the proper attire for this chilly time of year over in the central part of UK.

Up first in the stand-up closed course circuit 64-year-old Kevin Pope took the hole shot and stayed the course throughout. On the final lap, he nearly took a spill but his quick recovery saw him take the win and championship. For the runabout two-stroke race, Wayne Bedford took the holeshot but in the end, was overtaken by James Bushell for the round win. The championship title went to Tyler Morgan who finished third and with the highest season points.

The final race was the four-stroke runabout and saw a heated battle between James Bushell and Lewis Aitken. Bushell ultimately took the round win but due to points standings for the season, Aitken was crowned the champion.

While this video definitely gives a good re-cap of the event with some nice footage, it’s not all about statistics. There are even some bits about racing tips education with the first interview of Lisa Gilbert giving some cornering tips.

The next education bit interviews two-time IJSBA World Champion Dawn Dawson who gives some insight and comparisons of the British JetSport racing to some of the other worldwide scenes.

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Brice Leckrone

Brice Leckrone

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