Video: 500-Horsepower, Italian-Built 2015 Jet Taxi (Gallery)


While this 24-foot long by 11-foot wide, 3.5 ton behemoth isn’t what you might call a “personal” watercraft, it is remarkably similar in its design (from the bondline down) to a good ol’ PWC runabout. Designed and built by the founders of the Italian Jet Capsule Company, Luca Solla (CEO) and Pierpaolo Lazzarini (Chief Executive Designer), their latest creation is the 2015 Jet Taxi is soon to be made available for major waterfront cities.

Quoted at being “just the first of many next generation water taxis,” the Jet Taxi is projected to become a mainstay of popular cities such as Dubai, Doha, Moscow, Miami, and Saint Petersburg. Able to accommodate 12 passengers and a single pilot (13 persons in total), the Jet Taxi is available with either a single 370HP diesel engine or a pair of 250HP gas engines, though Solla and Lazzarini are working adapting hybrid or even fully-electric power plants into future iterations.


Propelled by a Hamiltonjet waterjet, which delivers a top speed of 32 knots, the Jet Taxi stores an impressive 92-gallon fuel reserve that provides enough go-juice for trips as far as 195 miles. And since its RINA CE certification rates the pod to sail in up to 6-foot-high swells, we’re wondering how the Jet Taxi might fare in next year’s Long Beach-to-Catalina Offshore enduro.

Oh, and don’t worry about being comfortable, the Jet Taxi can be equipped with two rear carbon doors to maintain a constant temperature, be it in one of the coldest cities in the world or one of the hottest. Recently, the Jet Taxi was OK’ed for a public water taxi service in Italy some time next year, which will only pave the way for future cities as well.

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