Video: Active Jetsport Catch Cans Prove That Quality Doesn’t Always Cost More

The choice between low quality/low cost, and high quality/high cost is a fairly common discussion in any activity that involves technology – especially a pursuit as driven by speed, power and performance as the PWC world, and that holds true for both the race side and the recreation side of the sport.

What you rarely see discussed, is the choice between high quality/high cost, and high quality/low(er) cost  – Probably because the choice doesn’t come around that often!

Active Jetsport supplies the exception to the rule when it comes to PWC parts, providing fairly-priced, high-quality components, often a large step up from OEM quality. And this stands true for Active Jetsport’s  catch cans

For those new to the PWC world, or those not versed in PWC mechanics, a catch can prevents oil and contaminants from penetrating your intake system, improving the combustion process and keeping your engine efficient and your intake tract clean and free from buildup.

Machined from aluminum instead produced from the more commonly-used plastic, Active Jetsport’s catch cans not only offer top-notch performance, but look sharp while they’re at it, and are available in three anodized colors – none of which are age-yellowed plastic!

The design and placement of the Active Jetsport catch cans are geared toward efficiency and effectiveness – the catch cans are 100% filled with oil vapor condensing foam to pull as much oil from the passing air as possible; they are designed to allow quick and easy access to check/drain any collected fluids using the bottom mounted drain (or you can simply unscrew the lower half to fully inspect contents); and they are placed to allow easy service access at the front of the engine, with no need to remove top deck components just to access the catch can – and all for under $150!

All Active Jetsport catch cans come with everything required for installation (although they do recommend the additional use of blue thread locker on the mounting bracket bolts.)

In addition, Active Jetsport provides a step-by-step detailed installation guide on their website. 

Be sure to check out the Active Jetsport website, Facebook page and Instagram account for specifications, model compatibility charts, more.

And Active Jetsport even provides a sneak peak at their catch can installed on a 2024 Sea-Doo RXP 325. 

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