Video: Charging The Trees In a Flooded River On Vintage Kawis


Every year we field a handful of angry comments and emails from watercraft enthusiasts decrying the manufacturer’s lack of building small, lightweight runabouts. Now before you start screaming “Hello! Sea-Doo builds the Spark, you moron!” And you’d be right. And that’s the same thing we’ve said in response to said emails. It turns out that a “soft, Polytec hull” isn’t what these guys are looking for – at least, that’s what they tell us (their words, not ours).

Apparently, what so many of these guys want to come back is a tiny, durable, torquey one-seater runabout that they can run through groves of trees at 30mph and not worry about it puncturing the hull. The other guys want a runabout they can jump not just off of waves, but logs, beaches, sand bars, berms or their buddy’s skis. How do we know? Because of insane videos of hilariously bad behavior like this!

Published back in 2012 when a local river flooded, this group of goofballs loaded up their Kawasaki Sport Cruisers (SC 650) and TC 650s and charged the nearby groves and swamps, doing their best to recreate their favorite scenes from “The Dukes of Hazzard” except by water. Of course, this is the sort of stuff that gets environmentalists all up in a wad, so make sure not to share this with your more “green” friends.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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