Video: Through My Eyes, Cronulla’s Rip n’ Ride 6

Here for your viewing pleasure is “Through My Eyes,” a action-packed recap of Australias’ Rip n Ride 6 from Tahitis’ Matthieu Coutois. This video is full of pure madness from Mitch Young’s Superflip tray grab and his heel clicker flip right at the end; Mick Anthony’s clean Flatspin 540 and beautiful Madonna flip; Brodie Copp’s no-footed can-can flips and his nasty one footers all the way to Glen Arena’s absolutely massive double barrels rolls.

The Aussies are awesome riders and are really stepping up the aerial game right now, and Matt did a great job at capturing the riding level and the energy level of a professional freeride contest! Pure energy! Great riding, great contest, great video, see you on the beach! Enjoy!


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Jake Bright

A full-time student, worker and freerider, distributor for Kal-Gard oils and lubricants as well as Krash Industries, Jake dove head first into the sport of Freeride a few years ago and never looked back. Whether on a dirt bike, snowboard, or anything he could find, pushing the limits was a must. Which has also made him no stranger to pain, and injury but like the old saying goes "you gotta pay to play."

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