Video: Get Pumped For Cronulla Rip ‘N Ride 8


Oh man, it’s coming. And frankly, not fast enough. Scheduled for this September 18th-19th, the 8th annual Cronulla Rip ‘N Ride is fast becoming one of the single-most desirable freeride events on the planet. No longer a local Wanda Beach surf ride in New South Wales, Australia, the Rip ‘N Ride beckons to the world’s best freeriders, many hailing from North and South America, Europe and even the Fijian islands.

Presented by Yamaha Australia, the 8th annual freeride looks to not only match, but surpass last year’s RNR, which all 100 entry tickets sold out in about 6 minutes. And with prizes ranging from a brand new Yamaha SuperJet, a 701 Blaster and $1,000s worth of other sponsors’ products, it’s undoubtedly hard to resist.

Besides the obvious showdown of the best freeriders pairing off to battle face-to-face, there’s also awards for the Sickest Trick, Sickest Wipeout, the Cherry Popper Backflip (awarded to freeriders successfully executing their first backflip), and a few other awards. This coming September, as the surf kicks up and the temperatures finally start to climb back up (remember, Australia’s seasons are opposite of ours north of the equator), the RNR will be back in full swing.

Until then, make sure to check out The Watercraft Journal’s faithful reporting from the past three years’ worth of RNR coverage, as well as this awesome promo video below. Then, when you think you’ve had enough, stay tuned here for s’more awesome Cronulla coverage!

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