Video: How to Setup Your Yamaha WaveRunner Into a Fishing Rig

In case anybody is interested in setting up their Yamaha WaveRunner for a great fishing rig, we recommend that you check out this youtube video posted by Dean Baynon. In this particular video, he details his VX Deluxe setup but also says he has a fishing rig setup on a FX platform as well. For this setup, he has certainly left no stone unturned and for those who aren’t interested in a fishing rig, well you could still follow along as the cleverness here is pretty amazing.

He initially takes us on a walk-around of the whole WaveRunner setup. Popping open the front storage bin, he first shows us his battery system setup which includes two AGM marine gel batteries wired to a selector and on/off switch. At first, any normal WaveRunner recreational rider would think this is a bit overkill but we see a reasoning behind this madness later on.

The rod holder setup consists of an all-aluminum front bar as well as a rear bar with a support rest and baskets with a cooler, live-well, and extra fuel storage. The bars have rod holders as well as angled trolling holders and a GPS mount up front.

Here’s where things get interesting. As Dean takes us down below his live-well, we see that he has conveniently plumbed a line from the rear water spout riser up into the live-well with an optional electric pump and toggle switch for pumping water while the WaveRunner is off. He then details his fuel reserve setup.

For his massive twelve gallon reserve tank on the back, he has plumbed a fuel line from the main fuel tank to the back of the WaveRunner with an in-line fuel pump. A quick disconnect retractable hose allows hookup to the reserve tank.

Remember those two heavy duty batteries up front? Now we begin to see why this is important. Just make sure you make secure electrical connections and use a trusty ground if you wish to transfer that highly flammable octane. The last thing we ever want to do is to actually have to use our mandated fire extinguishers.

This video does a great job of showing a fine example of a fishing rig setup for your Yamaha WaveRunner. Dean even had us laughing a little bit as he had his trusty helper open the cooler and pop him a fresh cold one. Just make sure there is plenty of under-21 products in there as well for the WaveRunner operator.

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Brice Leckrone

Brice Leckrone

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