Video: Hyperlite Bindings and Boots Upgrade for Flyboards

OK, so it’s time we started taking the Flyboard a little more seriously. The fanbase for this new sport – because it’s far surpassed that of being a toy or a hobby – has swelled to new proportions. Magazines, international championships and even competitive tours have all joined to make Franky Zapata’s creation a worldwide phenomenon. We should’ve listened when Jerry Gaddis of and fame started selling dual props to these guys in bulk…

Now the wakeboard and accessory manufacturers are in on the flyboard as well. Recently Hyperlite System announced their top tier bindings and boots for the Flyboard. A huge name in wakesports, Hyperlite has established themselves as a major player in building strong, durable and comfortable boots, bindings and boards for wakeboarding.

Now, banking off of the similarities between the Flyboard and wakeboards, Hyperlite’s bindings and boots mount directly to the stock Flyboard, allowing the rider to adjust for a personal fit. Equipped with a very handy quick fasten and release system, the Hyperlite upgrades not only add better comfort and use, but safety as well.

The instructional video below overviews how the new bindings and boots work with the stock Flyboard, as well as some great Flyboard action that’ll make you want to give it a try.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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