Video: Jet Skiing Around Icebergs in Blackstone Bay, Alaska

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There’s probably no less formidable terrain to find oneself in that the untamed wilderness of Alaska. The northernmost State in the Union is home to some of the most inhospitable frontier, rife with wildlife more than happily to core, maim or outright devour a man, or weather so drastic that exposure for longer than minutes can result in almost immediate disfigurement or outright death. Many a daring adventurer has met their demise in Alaska, and certainly more will follow.

Sounds like a perfect place to go jet skiing, right? Well, that’s what these explorers thought as they slipped into Alaska’s famous Blackstone Bay, home to pristine waterfalls, calving glaciers and breathtaking vistas. Located just outside of Whittier, Alaska, these intrepid riders documented their journey through Blackstone Bay via various GoPros over the course of two different trips.

The video below is stitched between video and stills, but shows the sheer vastness of the terrain in all of its awesome glory. Normally reserved for kayakers, exploring the bay requires paddlers days to gain the full experience. With the assistance of modern personal watercraft, the trip was cut down to a fraction, and done so safely and without the threats brought on by needing to camp overnight and brave the cold.

Although normally populated with whales, seals, and sea otters, not much in the way of wildlife is visible in this video, although the documentarians vow to return. So, it’s likely we’ll see more of Blackstone Bay’s beauty. Until then, enjoy the video below (although, the music is really obnoxious. You’ve been warned):

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