Video: Jumping Waves on a E85 Turbo Sea-Doo Spark

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We’ve got a confluence of three very distinct subjects in what could be a very entertaining or disastrous combination; aftermarket performance tuner got their hands on a 2014 Sea-Doo Spark and thought they’d go a little haywire with the little runabout. Beginning with a 60-horsepower 3-up model with one of the available vinyl decal kit from SCS Unlimited, proceeded to go nuts.

The first addition to the Spark was converting the 900cc Rotax ACE plant from a mild-mannered 60-horsepower naturally-aspirated 3-cylinder to a heavy-breathing, turbocharged plant. The turbo conversion kit from V-Tech Tuned is no stranger to the pages of The Watercraft Journal, and has shown real results from enthusiasts across the globe. Processing all of that extra boost is a Rotax Racing jet pump.

But the biggest addition to the combination is a special Crispmods’ ECU tune allowing for the use of E85 fuel. Many might cringe at this, but what E85 does is burn cooler, permitting tuners to ramp up the boost levels. While burning corn fuel might dissuade some, engine builders are learning to love the organic fuel for its responsiveness to power-adders, and hopefully this video will help you fence-sitters to change your mind too.

Now, this rearward view of this aptly modded Spark is fun, it did make us cringe every time the PolyTec hull landed a tad too hard. The open ExcoSkel design was never meant to handle a beating like what is being shown, so again, if you’re looking at recreating this combination, remember your 405-pound Spark wasn’t meant to do what you’ve got in mind.

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