Video: Kawasaki Highlights All New 2022 Jet Ski Ultra 310 Lineup

Kawasaki has released a new video promoting the new for 2022 Ultra 310 Jet Ski line up. Published on the official Kawasaki USA YouTube channel, the video features action shots and closeups of the new models, set to the obligatory high energy sound track.

Without a doubt the new styling and colors are conveyed more naturally in video shot in real world surroundings when compared to studio press release photographs, which are shot in artificially lit environments to add impact and highlight detail.

Various new features are displayed in the video, including the (very) long awaited Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration, or KSRD. Close ups of the controls are included, and their effect on the machine in the water confirms the vital importance of this addition to the Ultra 310.

The vastly improved 7 inch TFT full color display with reverse camera are detailed, as is the new 4 speaker setup on the LX model, and the new deck and reboarding step on both the LX variants.

The release of the new video is timely, considering recent news of the production delays and substantial reductions of essentially the entire Kawasaki Jet Ski lineup except the Ultra 310 line. In fact the top of the line Ultra 310LX will see over 90 percent of it’s originally intended production, and the mid level Ultra 310LX-S and base model Ultra 310 X will both be produced at close to 80 percent for 2022.

This is in stark contrast to all 3 of the STX models and the SX-R, which will be produced at less than one tenth of original forecasts, and even the naturally aspirated Ultra LX will not see half of its 2022 production estimates.

Watch the new 2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310 video below, and get your order in now!

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