Video: Mark Gomez Backflips His Rickter In a Suburban Pool


[Below is a blog post about Mark Gomez’s most recent stunt feature filmed, edited, and published by Liquid Militia Clothing.]

“Mark Gomez hit us up the day before he had plans to do a flippy in a backyard swimming pool. His buddy, John Crabb, who owns Performance Fiberglass (one of Mark’s sponsors) hosted the pool party. Since we live pretty close to Gomez, we were down. This Labor Day Holiday Weekend was one for the books as we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

“Once we had a chance to check out the pool we were all kind sketched on how small the pool was (15′ X 30′). Keep in mind Marks Ski is about 6-feet long; not much room for error. Mark being the pro that he is was like, ‘I got this,’ so we started rolling the cameras. Without going into to much detail on every single thing just watch the video clip, it’s self-explanatory. Enjoy!”

Gomez wrote to The Watercraft Journal, “I dropped my 1200cc Rickter XFR Freestyle ski into my fiberglass sponsor’s pool to backflip in. I didn’t realize just how small it was until I started riding in it! I am currently on the road to the 5th/6th IFWA Freeride World tour stop in Pacific City, Oregon. I am currently leading the points to defend my world title.”

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Mark Gomez

A progressing 23-year-old professional Freerider, World Champion racer, and stuntman from Fullerton, CA., Mark has been riding stand up jet skis since he was 7. When he's not traveling the globe to participate against the world's best surf riders and racers, Mark can be seen performing stunts at Universal Studio's "Waterworld Stunt Show" and has even graced both the TV and movie screens as a stuntman.

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