Video: New Video Series on Building up a 4-Stroke ’22 Yamaha SuperJet

Welcome to the Bad to Rad video series where my husband Stephen and I take the 4-stroke Yamaha SuperJet and unlock its full potential. In each episode, we will provide upgrade and product installs, tips, tricks, and techniques to keep you in the tray longer! Let’s face it, a stock stand up is just a blank canvas waiting for that dab of color to bring it to life and make it yours.

Now that the TR1-powered SuperJet has been out for a few years with first-year 2021s and the recent release of the 2022 models, there is a growing number of aftermarket parts to choose from. However, like trying to find the right brand of cereal in a cluttered grocery store aisle, the number of product options makes it easy to feel like a deer in the headlights.

In the first episode “Four Stroke Yamaha SuperJet Pump & Traction” we jump right to the heart of the most common stock performance concern – traction. We start with taking GPS and buoy course runs with our fully stock 2022 4-stroke Yamaha Superjet to get a baseline. Then we add the Watercross of Texas intake grate and do the same runs. Finally, we install the Pro Watercraft Racing ride plate to compete the traction package and record our results.

Stephen and I are not stopping there so be sure to subscribe and follow the Bad to Rad video series as we add more parts and riding techniques to get the most out of your 4-stroke Yamaha SuperJet!

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Ashley Haude

Ashley "chixwithtrix" Haude is an avid motorsports enthusiast who loves to share the stoke with fellow riders. After years of riding sport bikes, drift cars and dirt bikes - stand up jet skis became a life passion from racing to freeride in 2015. You can find Ashley on the water most weekends, or in the garage during the week working on her skis.

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