Video: Rare Footage Of Jet Skier Riding Standing Wave

Found outside the mouth of King Sound in Western Australia – a large Gulf that opens up into the Indian Ocean – is what is known as a “tidal race.” The natural phenomenon is found only off of Australia’s coastline and reportedly only occurs a few times a year. The tidal race produces standing waves up to 40-feet high and whirlpools up to 2500-feet across, cutting down some 300-feet below the surface. It’s both mesmerizing and incredibly dangerous, and until now, is believed to have never before been filmed being ridden.

That’s right. Aussie Tybias Smith, 26, and his crew did a little bit of digging from locals before heading out to sea for their awe-inspiring adventure, looking to gather as much information on the event as possible before setting out. Aboard a 10-year-old Yamaha FX WaveRunner and followed by support vessel and a drone camera, Smith ventured deep into the sound and began riding across the faces of giant, glassy rollers (careful to avoid the breaks and peeling lips of the waves). Smith makes the ride look easy, almost casual as he rides up and over wave after wave.

It’s another testament to the amazing locations that a personal watercraft can take an adventurous rider, the undiscovered bits of nature dotting this globe that would go otherwise unexplored or unknown were it not for these machines. Enjoy a little bit of zen in the video below:

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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