Video: Rick Roy Introduces New Rickter 2015 XFS & XFS Competition Skis

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Montreal, Canada’s favorite freestyle son, Rick Roy continues to dominate the world of professional freestyle but from a completely different vantage point. The four-time World Pro Freestyle champion (between 1996 through 1998), and four-time US National Pro Freestyle champ has come a long way since his pioneering barrel roll and back flip on stand up. As the captain behind Rick Roy Products (RRP), Roy has been instrumental in elevating the excitement and athleticism of freestyle and freeride worldwide.

Evolving from signature handlepoles and lightweight billet components, RRP has expanded into mass producing professional-grade hulls through its Rickter line. For 2015, Rickter’s redesigned XFS Ninja and XFS Ninja Competition hulls are designed for the hardest of hard core flat water freestyle riders. The Ninja hull is shorter and wider for increased stability and added maneuverability. A lower tray positions the rider’s feet lower in the ski, literally flanking the pump, which lowers the ski’s center of gravity.

The engine has been pushed back, centralizing the weight closer to the rider effectively improving the ski’s speed of rotation while executing tricks. Redesigned rails improve cornering while an all-new intake design is “longer, wider, and deeper resulting in better hook up. The pump is also set back allowing it to be connected to the water longer during jumps. This intake design will accept 144mm, 155mm and larger pumps.”

Likewise, an all-new adjustable binding system allows the rider to “adjust the lift of the the nose by moving the riding position forward or back. The further back you are the more lift you will get. The option to ride with feet in the front for surf riding is a big advantage over other freestyle hulls and makes it easier for novice and intermediate riders.”

Available in either 100-percent carbon fiber, a carbon look or fiberglass black base, the XFS Ninja hulls will accept all Yamaha SuperJet mechanical parts, making it easily compatible with existing SuperJet components (except for ’08-up units need to replace the driveshaft with previous models).

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