Video: Seabreacher Australia’s X-Model Submersible Watercraft Goes Nuts

In keeping with last week’s unusual trend of showcasing some very unique (to say the least) forms of personal watercraft, we thought we’d cap off the fun with this great video of Seabreacher Australia’s makoshark-themed X-Model.

According to the press release, “The Seabreacher X is the latest and most advanced submersible watercraft that we have built to date: This exciting new version is based on the dolphin-inspired Seabreacher J, but it has a more aggressive Shark-style body. The X model also steps up the performance envelope with a 260hp supercharged engine, propelling the vessel to a top speed of 43 Knots (80 km/h) on the surface and 22 Knots (40 km/h) below.

“The Seabreacher X can sustain high speed dives below the water and then breach the surface, launching the entire vessel clear out of the water. The new fully vectored thrust system mimic the tail articulation of real aquatic animals like sharks and dolphins. The custom tuned exhaust system also gives the vessel a more throaty growl as it tears across the surface.”

Many of us have already seen the Seabreacher in action – particularly at the IJSBA World Finals. Equipped with a pretty cool a snorkel-mounted video camera that can transmit live video to LCD screens for the pilot and passenger during dives, GPS navigation, and on board stereo system with iPod docking, the Seabreacher X-Model is really a pretty cool machine, and is one step closer to helping you fulfill your dreams of becoming James Bond.

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Kevin Shaw

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