Video: See Kai Lenny And His Amazing Two-Stroke 100cc-Powered Surfboard


In January of this year, we brought you a short and dirty video of Maui local, Kai Lenny charging famed big wave surf spot, Jaws on a 6-foot Kevlar and carbon fiber jet-powered surfboard manufactured by Jetboard. Dubbed the Jet Surf, Lenny first tried out the Jet Board in early 2013 and has been hitting the big Hawaiian surf breaks regularly.

Buried beneath the watertight housing is a 2-stroke 100cc motor beneath his feet strapped into the waterski-like bindings. In a video produced by XTreme Video, Lenny and friends push the Jet Surf to its limits as they surf rail-to-rail into on-coming monstrous waves.

As we stated earlier, the amount of rocker in the nose of the board helped him over the ledge on the take off and the hand held throttle helped him adjust his speed only when going out and outrunning the massive white wash trying to engulf him at the end of his rides.

However, the throttle did nothing for him when actually riding the waves because with the massive amount of water that came with that particular swell at Jaws, there was no backing off and slowing down. He just had to go with it hoping to survive on that speedy little board that looked like a cross between a wakeboard and a blunt nosed fish.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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