Video: Technical Review Of 2020 Sea-Doo GTI SE

For 2020, Sea-Doo came out with an all new GTI Family.  This completely redesigned recreation segment offers the best family fun value in the boating industry and in the latest episode of SeaDooTV, Tim McKercher walks us through an in-depth technical review of this brand new platform. Here we have highlighted some of the main features of this walk-through that you will see but be sure to check out the full video for the detailed list of technical features that come equipped on the GTI SE.

As Tim explains, the GTI family now derives some of the premium features found on the ST-3 platform and incorporates them into the recreation segment.  This platform is based on versatility and value meaning that the GTI is a good all-around watercraft for the family. This includes touring, towing, fishing, and even carving up a few buoys here and there.  It’s really an all-around winner in everyone’s book.

The GTI family starts with the 90 or 130 model which offers either a 90 horsepower Rotax 900 ACE or 130 horsepower Rotax 1630 ACE engine package respectively.  For the GTI SE model, you also have the option of the 170 horsepower 1630 ACE engine. The 1630 ACE engine delivers greater torque and mid-range power over the previous generation engine package.  This allows even more versatility when it comes to riding with extra weight or when towing.

In terms of changes to design elements, everything on this watercraft was updated.  That includes a totally new top deck with Ergo-Lock incorporated into the seat.  The overall stability of the GTI is also increased via a low center of gravity. This includes lowering basically everything that you come in contact with such as the seat, footwells, and handlebars.

The hull is also updated using Polytec 2.0 which is a composite mix of polypropylene and fiber material that BRP developed.  This gives excellent durability, strength, and scratch-resistance. The user gauge package has been updated as well featuring a large 7.5 inch display that is easy to read and offers a full array of information.

Next up on the technical overview, Tim discusses the new storage systems which includes over 40-gallons of storage space nearly doubling capacity of competitor’s recreation models.  The glove box itself has also been updated to offer great storage of essential items including water bottles and a waterproof section for cell phones.

Optional for the GTI models, Sea-Doo now gives you the ability to incorporate the revolutionary sound system as well as a charging port for your cell phone or device.

Heading to the rear of the watercraft, you now get the LinQ accessory system giving you the ability to bring along a cooler, extra storage accessories, or the fuel caddy to give you longer range. As you can see, this new GTI family offers excellent versatility, value, and fun for the whole family with many features that can’t be found across other brands.

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  1. Todd 25 May, 2020 at 17:37 Reply

    Thanks for that overview of the GTI. Do you have any information on fuel efficiency or riding range for the 130 and the 170? Thank you.

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