Video: The TW-N-One Transporter Customizable Jet Ski Trailer

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There’s nothing terribly sexy about a jet ski trailer, right? Sure, we’ve seen some pretty snazzy double-axle, four-place trailers that make our lowly one-axle, single-bunk hauler look pretty limp in comparison. We’ve even seen a few improvements in sealed axle bearings and even tongue latches and swivel jacks. But all of this is merely tweaks to an existing platform. So, what if we said there was actually something really different in the way of PWC trailers?

We spotted the “TW-N-ONE” customizable trailer1150 a day ago and had to look into it. Built using a unique 48-inch wide trailer chassis as a foundation, the “TW-N-One” system employs a frame-and-tube design that allows for literally two jet ski trailers to mate together, into a single two-place trailer. But, if you’re looking to diversify your riding this weekend, the modular design allows for one or both of the ski bunks to be replaced with a flatbed for hauling an ATV, motorcycle or SxS.

The idea was to offer the maximum amount of variety in utility of a trailer system. Just imagine pulling up to your weekend riding spot with your “TW-N-One” trailer, your ski on one side, your quad on the other. Simply lower the ramps and back your ATV down, disconnect the split side of the PWC trailer, and you can hitch your beach tote ski trailer behind your 4×4 to a secluded side of the beach. Yup, that’s what it’s designed to do!

Obviously, with such a diversity of different configurations, TW-N-One provides a wide selection of accessories to accommodate your needs. Now, these are pretty innovative so you’re gonna have to pay for said technology, as trailers range between $1,150 to $3,200. Below we’ve include an introductory video to what we think is a truly exciting package, and we hope you do too!

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  1. kyle dabney 16 December, 2020 at 00:01 Reply

    Where can I buy a used one ? I already have a jet ski trailer I can use to attach to it, but i need the flat bed part for my quad and the tw-n-one part so I can link em together .

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