Video: Why Beach Launching a Jet Ski With a Camaro Is a Bad Idea


Many of us are doomed to learn life’s lessons the hard way. Y’know what we mean. You were the kid throwing sticks at electrified fences and taunting that one mean dog through the chain link fence. Well thankfully, you’re not alone. We spied this tragedy of Margaritaville-proportions over at late model Chevy-enthusiast site (which yours truly once helmed for a short season) and just had to share in the fail-worthy joy.

When faced with the task of launching a personal watercraft one must consider a few factors, particularly the state of the launch ramp in comparison to the type of vehicle you’re using to launch from. We’ve seen our fair share of unusual launch vehicles, but a trailer hitch tied to the back of a 5th generation Chevrolet Camaro is new, even for us. Add to that a miserable attempt to launch from a sandy beach, and you’ve got disaster on your hands.

Of course, the V6-equipped, slip-track Jeep Liberty doesn’t offer much in the way of help in digging the doomed Camaro from the oncoming surf, woefully digging into the soft, paradisaical sand. We don’t get much more than some rapid-fire Portuguese and a lot of bystanders watching the drama unfold – heck, we don’t even know if the Camaro makes it out. But, what we do see is a $35,000 Camaro earn a salvage title.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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