Videos: At 74MPH, Could This E85 Turbocharged Spark Be The World’s Fastest?


Voiding your factory warranty has never been so much fun. We all know that Sea-Doo strongly recommends the Spark for “light recreational use.” Heck, just visit and Yamaha or Kawasaki dealer and they’ll be the first to remind you. Sure, the Spark’s Polytec (a Polypropylene blend) hull is lightweight, and that’s awesome, but what many believe is that those weightsavings come at a cost of its durability. And while there are many who’ll decry the Spark’s short lifespan, others are squeezing the most out of life from it.

We’ve been watching what the nutjobs at Vtech Tuned have been doing for a while now, and even published one or two updates on their exploits, but their current Spark project has got us floored. According to their Facebook page, Sea Doo Spark Tuning, the first turbo Sea-Doo Spark was in Australia and has been converted to an E85 turbo, making it (again, according to Vtech) the world’s most powerful Spark!

Surprisingly, the switch from conventional petrol gasoline to E85 ethanol is made surprisingly easy thanks to Vtech Tuned’s E85 ECU reflash software. Those “in the know” understand the benefit of switching to E85, particularly when adding a turbo to a previously naturally-aspirated engine. Ethanol responds surprisingly well to added compression and advanced timing, increasing both horsepower and efficiency without premature detonation (“knock”).

We’ve included three of Vtech’s project Spark videos, as the final installment touts an impressive 73.8mph at 9,100rpm while running E85 RE116 fuel through their otherwise stock-internal turbocharged Sea-Doo Spark. But hey, tuners are tuners and are prone to never leave well enough alone. While you’re enjoying these videos, note that Vtech has started development on a 200HP Spark using their Vtech turbo kit (E85), a Rotax racing pump, Skat-Trak impeller, a R&D ride plate and intake grate, RIVA Racing sponsons, Frogskinz vent holes, and a Hydro-Turf seat cover.

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