Videos: Behold The Chevrolet LS1 V8-Powered Custom WaveBlaster

Why we didn’t see this months ago is really the big question here. How we could let news of an insanely-awesome Chevrolet LS1 V8-powered custom jet ski slip our radar for the better part of a year is nearly as baffling as the geniuses who thought a 450-horsepower all-aluminum pushrod V8 powering a Berkeley jet pump-pushing a very conspicuously-looking WaveBlaster on a custom Daytona-style hull was a good idea.

Because the idea of this machine is actually more appealing than the actual machine itself, the ride is less than stellar. The ski cavitates, and we mean badly, and the weight distribution is equally suspect, as you’ll see in later videos (and above), the LS1-powered ski bobbles and porpoises in the rough to the point that the rider really never lets the V8 stretch its legs all the way.

Nevertheless, this thing had got to be a ton of fun on some seriously glassy water – once they figure out the trim. We’d like to see this creation taken all the way and see what the final product can do. Until then, we’ve got the makings of a very wild ride. Enjoy!

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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