Videos: Discovery Channel Celebrates Shark Week By Biting Vintage PWC in Two

We don’t really know how this became the phenomenon that it is today, but Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” is one of the most anticipated and highly watched weeks of television programming. No really, it’s true. So much so that other channels literally alter their programming schedules to coincide with the selachimorpha-themed entertainment.

Two weeks ago, during the titular San Diego Comic-Con, Discovery Channel wheeled out its thinly-disguised hydraulic car crusher called “Chomp” to entertain crowds as it pneumatically crushed various items in a sort of twisted version of “Will it blend?” This time around, Discovery replayed a bit of high stakes destruction by wheeling out a gutted vintage personal watercraft to see if ol’ chompy could bite it in two.

Back during a similar media campaign in 2014, Discovery had Chomp bite a classic 5803 SP Sea-Doo for all to see. (See above). Well, for this year, Discovery came upon a very original 1987 Yamaha WaveRunner, that besides being eviscerated of its metal powertrain, was in surprisingly complete condition. Nevertheless, the giant megashark fired up its metallic jaws and clamped down on the Yamaha in terrible fashion, snapping the ancient fiberglass runabout in two.

But Sharkzilla wasn’t done yet! They brought out another vintage PWC, an early-90’s Sea-Doo 3-seater, a 550 Kawasaki standup and a Kawasaki runabout, all of which was crushed with cheers from the crowd as well. You can view it below:

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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