Waiv Technologies Launches New GPS Tracking System

In 2015 in a garage in San Diego, a father tinkered away and created a GPS tracking system so he could remotely oversee the safety of his young son, who was enrolled in a youth sailing and surf school. That man was Magnus Berggren, and the company that was built following the success of that first device, is Waiv Technologies. The firm quickly established their reputation as a leader in the boat and jet ski rental technology sector.

Focussing on innovation in fleet management with GPS based products for rental operators, in 2021 Waiv brought the XStream tracking system to the market. XStream synchronizes the entire fleet operation by connecting all vessels to each other and to site managers and dock hands, enhancing both customer experience and staff organization.


Waiv is now launching the next generation of XStream, the SoundAlertSystem. This evolution solves a series of related problems many boat rental companies have – keeping customers within the rules, keeping them safe, and keeping them happy.

A traditional throttling system that enforces speed limits can in fact be a danger unto itself; there are situations where the full throttle range is needed, such as maneuvering quickly out of the path of another vessel, or driving to shore in an emergency. Instead of mechanical limitations, SoundAlertSystem utilizes a loud siren which is triggered whenever a jet ski or boat exceeds a speed limit inside a geo-fenced zone, alerting the user without disabling the full throttle range.

SoundAlertSystem has a number of further advanced features, such as enabling rental operators to track every trip and receive alerts for a variety of events, from vessels approaching the dock to capsizing. Importantly, the system is made in the USA, and is very easy to install and use. For more on the SoundAlertSystem, visit HERE

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