The Watercraft Journal By The Numbers: May 2014

It sure took its sweet time, but we’ve finally made it into summer with the closing of May, and as June beings, there is no time for companies to waste. Dealerships are in the height of prime boating and watercraft season and the PWC are flying off of the showroom floors. So much so, that some very impressive numbers are coming out of the big OEMs – everybody is up for 2014!

Likewise, the personal watercraft aftermarket is enjoying increased sales as winter temperatures thaw and spring showers begin to part. Of course, the racing season has kicked off in fine fashion with some tremendous turnouts for both opening rounds of the Hydro-Turf Pro Watercross Tour stops in Pensacola and Panama Beach City, Florida.

All of this has directly translated into a massive surge in popularity for the Internet’s only free daily personal watercraft magazine, The Watercraft Journal. We thought last month’s toppling of 10,000 unique individuals reading the magazine was impressive. Well, The Watercraft Journal brought in another couple thousand readers, pushing our current record up and over 12,000 for May! That’s nearly four-times the readership of the leading print magazine.

May 2014

Better Bang For No Bucks
The Internet has radically changed how people receive and process information. Got a question? Don’t go to the library, go to Google. Want to travel across the country? Don’t go to a travel agency, buy your tickets online. Want the latest news, reviews and event coverage for the personal watercraft industry? Well, clearly more people are coming to The Watercraft Journal than anywhere else. And why? Because we publish everyday, Monday through Friday. Our commitment to publishing the most exciting, entertaining and informative content is paying in worldwide readership.

News articles published in May: 23
Feature articles published in May: 13
Total word count: 14,845 words*

*When this number is translated to print publication standards equals a 118-page magazine. Please note that this number does not include an average of two uniquely-written news articles published daily.

Unparalleled Performance
Some big news came out of the automotive magazines last week wherein 11 magazines were shuttered, a major distribution company was liquidated and thousands of jobs were ended. While digital publishing wasn’t directly to blame, plummeting ad revenue was. And if there’s one truth, its that it’s substantially more affordable and rewarding to advertise for most companies to advertise online. Why? A magazine lives or dies by readership, and a free magazine updated daily will always trump a subscription based one published monthly or bimonthly.

Total number unique readers: 10,055*
Total number of articles read: 28,308
Percentage of new readers: 59.5%

Total number unique readers: 12,308*
Total number of articles read: 35,695
Percentage of new readers: 60%

*This number is considered equal to an individual sale of a single copy of a magazine.

Getting The Word Out
Do you want to know when you’re doing something right? Start paying attention when the people mocking your efforts, belittling your work and downplaying your ethics suddenly reverse course and start copying you. Our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and weekly newsletter are carefully crafted, monitored and modified to derive the most efficacy, translating into engaged readers who will return again and again. We don’t just promote posts, we unite enthusiasts with unique and engaging content.

April Facebook readers: 7,506
April Facebook weekly reach: 81,418
Top Five countries: Argentina, United States, Brazil, Greece, Chile

May Facebook readers: 8,324
May Facebook weekly reach: 40,923
Top Five countries: Brazil, United States, Philippines, Argentina, Thailand

The Right Choice, The Smart Choice
If getting your products in front of more eyes of dedicated personal watercraft enthusiasts, above are all of the reasons why now is the time to get your company advertising on The Watercraft Journal. Advertisers on The Watercraft Journal not only benefit from getting their ads before the largest domestic audience in our industry, but are the subject of monthly – if not weekly – articles, interviews, technical how-to features and much, much more.

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