Woman Jumps Watercraft Over Truck While Trying To Load


When it comes to watercraft and safety; carelessness comes at a pretty hefty price. Recently in Cornelius, North Carolina, on August 13, while enjoying a good day at Ramsey Creek Park, Lake Norman, a 59-year old-woman was injured while loading up her Sea-Doo on the trailer. According to a report by WSCOTV, while bringing her watercraft up on the trailer, she gave it far too much throttle, launching the ski off the trailer, up and over the truck, damaging the roof, sending the ski about 20 feet in front of the vehicle, landing it on the launch ramp. The woman was rushed to the hospital from the scene with minor injuries.

Safety is a big part of watercraft when it comes to owning PWC. It pays to know the rules of the waterways especially when entering into no wake zones and loading up. As you can see, because this woman did not know what she was doing, she not only got hurt herself, but this ski and truck are now damaged too. Not being careful on the water could lead to death, not just yours but others. To learn more about safety courses, and how you can help keep the waterways safer visit the US Coast Guard website and remember always wear your life vest.

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Marc Hagest

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