Yamaha Motor Co. Acquires Boat Tech Company, Siren Marine

Yamaha Motor acquired Siren Marine, a company that developed smart boat technology by providing Connected Boat solutions. Think of it as Google Home for your vessel. What this means for Yamaha is that they will be able to provide an even better experience for their customers by integrating the Siren Marine smart technology into Yamaha products. It will not only elevate the user experience; this technology will also give owners peace of mind.

The system allows users to monitor all their boat systems and receive critical alerts through their cell phones. Moreover, Yamaha owners will also be able to keep track of their watercraft by using an app connected to a service provider. This offers an extra layer of security in case someone attempts to steal your boat.

Acquiring Siren Marine will be a game changer for Yamaha as it will ensure that all future products are connected. The purchase of Siren Marine should be finalized before the end of the year and Siren Marine will fall under Yamaha Marine Systems Company. We look forward to what Yamaha will bring to the marine industry with this new technology.

Read the full press below:

Yamaha Motor Acquires US Smart boat tech Company Siren Marine
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) announced its intention to purchase Siren Marine, Inc. (hereinafter, Siren Marine), a US based company that provides Connected Boat solutions to the marine industry by using smart boat technology.

This acquisition aims to further promote technological development for IoT and Connected Boat support in the marine industry by placing Siren Marine under the umbrella of Yamaha Marine Systems Company (California, USA), which was established in 2017. Yamaha Motor expects to complete the purchase before the end of the year.

Siren Marine is a company using smart boat technology in order to provide a greater sense of security to customers who enjoy boating. To date, the company has developed and sold hardware and software that can manage and monitor information essential for boating, such as battery level, bilge water* status, and power supply conditions from land by using the boater’s hand-held device. In addition, they have also provided services that assist in protecting customers from unauthorized intrusion and theft of boats by tracking boat locations.

In Yamaha Motor’s marine business, a system supplier strategy has been set up and is expanding the peripheral system business such as boat maneuvering systems. With this acquisition, the company will promote the marine version of CASE strategy through IoT support in the marine domain and high value-added services and products by accelerating the transformation into digital applications.
YMUS U.S. Marine Business Unit, President Ben Speciale

“The full acquisition of Siren will allow us to truly integrate our products and deliver an even more exceptional experience for Yamaha customers. In short, we want to be sure that all future Yamaha products are connected because we know that is what our customers want – an integrated, connected boating experience, whether it is on an outboard-powered boat, a personal watercraft or a sport boat.”

Siren Marine CEO Jeffrey Poole
“By joining the Yamaha team, we now have the ability and power to give customers the best Connected Boat experiences on the market. We look forward to our future as part of the Yamaha family. The products we develop together will deliver unmatched reliability coupled with integrated, innovative power systems propelling the marine industry into the future.”

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